About me



I'm the Founder of Hello Generalist, and a coach to startup Chiefs of Staff. Before this chapter, I was Chief of Staff at Yelp Restaurants, and a business leader at Chewse from Seed through our Series B acquisition (B2B food delivery marketplace, raised $40M in VC, built and lead Marketplace Supply, Delivery Ops, and US Market Expansion). 

After 10 years in San Francisco, Sanket, my fiance, and I are moving to London in early 2024. Sanket's the Co-founder and CTO of Fleek. Together, we also spend time investing, both in startups and in our small real estate portfolio.  

I'm a proud member of the windy path club: Along the way, I lead the partnerships team for Outstanding in the Field (ask me about driving their vintage tour bus), opened and closed a beloved local food truck, managed a coworking and community space (pre-WeWork!), and brought silly, fun, thought-provoking events to the Orlando community. As a college drop-out, I think anything is possible if you learn by doing, reading, and talking to smart people.

Outside of work, I spend time cooking and baking (it's become an obsession), dancing (I love the Rhythm and Motion classes at ODC), and sailing on the SF Bay (or, really, on any boat, on any body of water). 


I've found few things to be truer than this wonderful graph.


Go deep, get weird, and live a big, creative life

Companies find mission statements useful, so why not me? I think of my mission statement as a higher calling — the big goal I want to work toward for 10 - 15 years. Forever a work in progress, I plan on fleshing this out more in 2024. 

I'm on a mission to help others go deep, get weird, and live a big, creative life. 


You can get in touch at shaina.e.anderson@gmail.com.